Mood Board: Closet Makeover

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Breaking News (not really): I’m not always the most positive person. It seems I am just naturally a more glass-is-half-empty type of thinker. When something goes wrong, I can be quick to throw my hands in the air, stomp my feet, and whine, “Why me”? Buuuuut, I’m really trying to work on that – take my plumbing-leak-in-my-master-bathroom-shower-situation. The leak caused water infiltration into the adjoining space, which happened to be my closet. Yep. That little room that holds many of my beloved possessions. Lots of ruined clothes, shoes, and purses. Although it was a messy and costly situation, my master bathroom shower is now repaired and functioning and looking better than before. And, I’m also now taking this opportunity to makeover my closet, which was in desperate need of it. See? That’s positive, right? 😉

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Photo-Inspired: 10 Friday Faves


Even though this was a 4 day week, it kicked my ass. Why does it always work that way? All I know, is it’s m’fen Friday and I am mucho happy about that.

Received my Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home in the mail this week and have been thoroughly enjoying my before-bed readings. Emily Schuman is the shit.
We’ve lived in our home for over a year now and we are JUST getting our turntable set up. Found a perfect little table at Ross and the hubby hooked it up right away – we’ve been in LP heaven.
As most of y’all know, South Texas has had some major flooding (and tornadoes) in the last couple of weeks. My baby girl has major thunder anxiety but her thunder shirt (and valium) has helped so much. It’s not just an infomercial trick, I swear! It makes her feel like she is being hugged all the time (she told me).
I’m thankful for the Jeep during this crazy weather. I feel super safe when driving in the pour downs. (Remember, y’all – turn around don’t drown!)
Just finished the E.L.F. 7 Day Lipstick Challenge. If you complete it, you get a free matte lipstick in elf’s new shade and are signed up to win $200 in elf makeup. I’m looking forward to my new shade. (And, I promise not to subject y’all to any more closeups of my mouth! At least not for a while.)
Y’all. This is my 2 year old niece, Sienna Bella. Isn’t she gorg? Even more beautiful is her soul – she is so sweet and funny and smart. I just love when I see her – EVERYtime, she throws her arms around my neck and says, in a pained voice, “I MISS you LeeLee”! *sigh* I’m in love.
The constant rain has done crazy things to my grass, like cause it to grow 5″ overnight. No joke. The rain eased up a bit for a couple of days, so I took the opportunity to mow after work the other day. And, good thing too, cause the rain is back again.
So, my little Dachsund mix, Haley, is “mature” (10 years old) and suffers from a pinched nerve in her back and two ACL repairs. But, she hates to stay home while we go on longer walks with her big sister. So, we found this cute little wagon that we are going to ATTEMPT to put her in. We’ll see. Could be a Rosemary’s Baby situation (demon child in bassinet).
I know I am 32 years old, but why are chocolate covered gummi bears so good? They are the perfect movie snack and they are exactly what I will be munching on during blockbuster, err, Netflix night tonight. (Awwww, remember Blockbuster?)
My fallen-angel-from-heaven Mother-in-Law has been staying with us the last few weeks. Not only has she nursed my sick baby girl (Dachsund mix) back to health from a skin infection, she has been taking care of me June-Beaver-style, seriously. Homemade breakfast in the mornings, ironed shirts, the whole nine yards. We’re gonna miss having her at the house!

Enjoy your weekend guys! See y’all here next week with some DIY wall art, a self tanner review you will want to know about, and more!

Round Up: Memorial Day Sales


It’s holiday time! That means 3 day weekend, relaxation, BBQs, and SALES. I know I’m not the only one who takes advantage of the holiday to get some good shopping deals, right? In order to help youz guyzez out, I have listed some of the big sales going on at some of my favorite stores. *Disclaimer: Your credit card may hate me*

Nordstrom | Half Yearly Sale (Up to 40% Off)


Nasty Gal | Up to 40% Off


Old Navy | Entire Store Up To 50% Off


Forever 21 | 30% Off & Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off (On-line Only) USE CODE: BIG150OFF

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Give Me A Friday Five


I know I’m not alone, so I don’t feel bad repeating this all the time. It’s Friday and I’m in love so fricken happy about that. In addition to my mental high five that I am giving you all, here are 5 randoms:

1. Port Aransas


The hubz and I are taking a quick weekend trip to Port A. for the weekend and I ‘m counting down the hours. The last couple of weeks have been full of sickness and work stress, so this R&R is much needed. Not to mention it’s been raining in San Antonio for like 3 weeks straight. No. Can’t handle it. Too much. I need to see a blue sky and the sun needs to see my legs before I blind anybody other than myself.

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